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Blindsight: The Blind Man Who Can See..

Blindsight is rare and strange condition. People suffering from blindsight respond to visual stimuli without consciously perceiving them.  V. S. Ramachandran has an interesting theory about this:

Interesting links:

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VS Ramachandran on your mind

This is one of my favourite TED talks. Ramachandran can be easily understood, even if you know nothing about the brain.  He’s also very funny like most clever people.

According to Richard Dawkins “Ramachandran is a latter-day Marco Polo, journeying the silk road of science to strange and exotic Cathays of the mind. He returns laden with phenomenological treasures…which, in his subtle and expert telling, yield more satisfying riches of scientific understanding.”

In this video he talks about 3 very interesting topics: Capgras Delusion, Phantom Limbs, Synaesthesia

If you like to know more about Ramachandran’s work check the following sites:

official site

wikipedia entry

Ramachandran @ BBC’s The Emerging Mind  Lectures

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