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Project H.M. & Clive Wearing’s Diaries

26/11/2009 2 comments

Project H.M.

H.M. is considered to be one of the most famous cases in neuropsychology. His dense amnesia contributed significantly to our understanding of human memory. On December 2nd, exactly a year after his death, anyone interested will have the chance to watch the dissection of his brain. I’m really looking forward to this (that sounds a bit weird).

According to the Project H.M. official blog:

“On December 2nd, 2009 we will begin slicing the brain of the amnesic patient H.M. into giant histological sections. The brain specimen is going to be frozen and sectioned whole during one continuous session that we expect will last approximately 30 hours”

If you’re interested in finding more about the project and the next phase, visit the Project H.M. website

Clive Wearin’s Diaries @ Wellcome Trust Exhibition

A few months ago I wrote a post on Clive Wearing, another case of amnesia. If you’re lucky enough to live in London, you’d be interested to know that the Wellcome Trust’s new collection, titled “Identity: Eight Rooms, Nine Lives” hosts Wearing’s famous diaries in the Samuel Pepy’s room. The exhibition will be on from today until April and it’s a part of The Identity Project (Pressure Drop could also be interesting). Oh, and it’s free.  For more information visit the exhibition’s website. They have a special section on Clive Wearing including a number of interesting videos.


image: Salvador Dali’s – the disintegration of the persistence of memory



Life Without Memory: The Case of Clive Wearing

01/09/2009 2 comments

Clive Wearing is a man stuck in the present for the last 24 years of his life. His condition was the result of a brain infection (Herpes simplex encephalitis). The virus left him with retrograde as well as anterograde amnesia; unable to form new memories and remember his past, his memory span lasts only a few seconds . His case is the most sever form of amnesia ever recorded…

You can watch the other parts of the documentary here.

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