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Uta Frith: “Autism and Theory of Mind” (Talk)

Here’s a very interesting talk by Uta Frith, one of the pioneers in autism research:

A few relevant ASD studies:

Baron-Cohen, S, Leslie, A.M., & Frith, U, (1985) Does the autistic child have a “theory of mind?” Cognition, 21, 37-46. (pdf)

Frith, U. & Frith, U (2010). The social brain: allowing humans to boldly go where no other species has been. Phil. Trans. R. Soc. B 2010, 365, 165-176 (pdf)

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Castelli, F., Frith, C., Happe, F., and Frith, U. (2002). Autism, asperger syndrome and brain mechanisms for the attribution of mental states to animated shapes. Brain, 125(8):1839-1849.

Gilbert, S. J., Bird, G., Brindley, R., Frith, C. D., and Burgess, P. W. (2008). Atypical recruitment of medial prefrontal cortex in autism spectrum disorders: An fmri study of two executive function tasks. Neuropsychologia, 46(9):2281-2291.

White, S., Hill, E., Happé, F. 7 Frith, U. (2009) The Strange Stories: Revealing Mentalizing Impairments in Autism. Child Development, vol 80(4), 1097-1117 ‎

Bird, G., Catmur, C., Silani, G., Frith, C., and Frith, U. (2006). Attention does not modulate neural responses to social stimuli in autism spectrum disorders. NeuroImage, 31(4):1614-1624.

Channon, S. (2004). Frontal lobe dysfunction and everyday problem-solving: Social and non-social contributions. Acta Psychologica, 115(2-3):235-254.

Silani, G., Bird, G., Brindley, R., Singer, T., Frith, C., Frith, U. (2008) Levels of emotional awareness and autism: an fMRI study, Social Neuroscience, 3(2), 97-112‎

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