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Tetris: Can It Build Up Your Brain?

06/09/2009 2 comments

tetrisCan videogames boost up our brain? A new study by Richard J Haier, Sherif Karama, Leonard Leyba and Rex E Jung suggests that Tetris – the popular and addictive game, which celebrates its 25th anniversary this year – may boost the size and efficiency of parts of the brain.

The researchers scanned the brains of 15 girls adolescent girls who had played tetris for three months and they found that certain areas grew thicker compared to the structural scans of controls. More specifically, they found structural differences in the BA6 (Brodmann area 6) in the left frontal lobe and BA 22 and BA 38 in the left temporal lobe. BA 6 is considered to play a role in the planning of complex, coordinated movements. The other two areas ( BA 22 and BA 38) are believed to be involved in multisensory integration.

Read the original study here and a provisional pdf of the article here.

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